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Chess Lessons


What is your rating now?
Did you just learn how to move the pieces, or have you played chess your whole life and still can't break through a certain level?

In either case, you're not alone. There are many players who enjoy the game and want to improve. The main question is "HOW?".

There are plenty of books available: openings, middlegame, endgames... If you add to the list video, audio and software programs, it's easy to get lost. Many have gone through the experience of reading, and studying intensively, yet are still stuck.

People are all different, and so is the way they process information. Some can explain all the advantages and disadvantages of the position but can't choose a move. Others will calculate long variations without understanding the position.

Does this sound familiar to you?
How many times did you lose a game without understanding why?
How many games did you lose by repeating the same mistake over and over again?

Every game you play, you add something to your style, by either changing or developing it. You can improve your strong sides, shore up your weak areas, or dig more into the dust of misunderstanding.

The Soviet chess school spent enormous resources developing programs that recognize and cultivate the abilities. These programs were used to work with the most talented children and keep Olympic Teams and Grandmasters in perfect shape for the important events.

I studied for 5 years at the Botvinnik Chess Academy when I was a teenager. I trained with the best Grandmasters when I was a member of USSR and Ukrainian Chess Teams. I even made it to the " Russian Chess Stars" school, while living in Ukraine.

After moving to the United States in 1991, I continued to work on chess with American Grandmasters. I also had the privilege of studying with the chess genius - GM Viktor Kortchnoi. As a result, I became a Ukrainian Women's Chess Champion, USSR Chess Champion among young masters, World Chess Champion among students, Woman Grandmaster, 3-time US Women's Chess Champion and 3-time leader of the Women's US Olympic Chess Team.

What do I cherish the most from this experience? - The ability to UNDERSTAND the chess game.

This experience helps me to understand and appreciate  chess beauty. It also gives me a perfect background to help others to improve their chess skills. Through a brief assessment and analysis of your games I can evaluate your level and set up an individual program FOR YOU.

What would you get from my program?
How much and how fast would you improve?

Again, this program is very individual and I can give you more details only after assessment of your level and skills.

Meanwhile, there is some structure I try to follow:

- Free 15 min. phone interview about your chess knowledge, rating, results and goals.
- You provide me with 2 analyzed games for my assessment on or before the first lesson.
- I do the evaluation and design a custom program for you.
- Suggested schedule is a 1-2 hour lesson per week in a 10 week session.
- Each lesson consists of 2 - 3 parts: opening, middlegame or endgame ideas, examples and homework.
- Some of the lessons may include analysis of your games.
- At the end of ten-week session, you'll receive an evaluation of your strength and suggestions on which areas to work, as well as a list of the books to read.
- During our work you'll have an opportunity to contact me directly through phone or e-mail with questions.

My rate is $100/hour in person, by phone or Internet.

Group rates are available upon request.

If you are interested in retaining me for coaching at chess camps, giving lectures and simultaneous exhibitions - please don't hesitate to contact me directly.


Thanks for your interest in my program.

My e-mail address is removethispartanjelina@cox.net

Best regards, Anjelina.

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