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GM Alexander Shabalov
”Angie is a rare mixture of the nicest personality and strong chess player. Her feverish attacking style truly became her trademark in both chess and life. I believe that she only began to rise now... “
GM Alex Yermolinsky (Board One of the U.S. National Team)
”Angie is a quintessential team player. Every once in two years I have a privilige of being on the U.S. delegation to Chess Olympiad together with her. Her devotion to the team interest is unparallel, and I can only wish she had a better supporting cast."
Bob Doyle
"Ms. Belakovskaia's presentation was absolutely wonderful. That she was a woman, an intellect, creative and bright, enhances the fact that there is never, ever a substitute for intelligence and style. Whenever we expose children to such competence we do them a great service."
Dr. Jon Maksik
"I was very impressed with Anjelina Belakovskaia's presentation to our students. Ms. Belakovskaia spoke for nearly an hour to students of varied ages and chess experience. She was vital, compelling and personable; the students were riveted. I would be delighted to have her return to The Community School whenever she is able to do so and I reccomend her, without reservation, to other schools."
Gail Baptiste (Principal; P.S. #308, Brooklyn)
"Anjelina has been working at our shool for the past several months, and has done an excellent job teaching chess for us. She is a very professional teacher who has put a lot of thought and effort into the way she presents her lessons, and has very good classroom management technique. Her lessons captivate the students and teachers alike.
The lessons and tests Anjelina uses are designed not only to teach the game of chess, but to benefit the students thinking, planning, and strategical skills.
We here at P.S. #308 can highly recommend Anjelina to anyone who is interested in starting a chess program in their school."
Helene Yavneh (2nd grade teacher; P.S. #308, Brooklyn)
"If success can be measured by enthusiasm, then judjing by the children's excitement when Ms. Belakovskaia comes to teach chess, and their desire to continue playing when her lesson with them is over, "CHESS PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN" by Anjelina Belakovskaia has, indeed, been very successful."

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