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Cell. Phone:    (201) 362-6494
E-mail:    removethispartabelakovskaia@cox.net
Web:    http://anjelinabelakovskaia.com


To obtain a position that would utilize my analytical skills, mathematical knowledge and trading experience and provide personal/professional growth opportunities in energy or financial markets.


  • Woman International Grandmaster. 3-time United States Women's Chess Champion

  • Successfully adapted analytical and problem solving skills to financial markets

  • Goal oriented, work well as an individual as well as part of a team

  • Strong macro-management skills

  • Tend to acquire a leadership role and manage the team to succeed

  • Excellent computer skills that include modeling and presentations

  • Multi-lingual and world-traveled. Accustomed to international business negotiations


    05/03-Present   Vice-President, American Academy of Economic Science, NJ

  • Consulting, marketing and academic services in the US and abroad

  • 09/02-05/03   Guest Lecturer, Princess Cruises. Caribbean, Panama Canal, South America

  • Presented a series of lectures on Chess and Financial topics

  • 07/02-09/02  Senior Portfolio Analyst, Williams Cos. Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Contract Monetization of EM&T portfolio

  • Credit and liquidity enhancement strategies. Credit analysis

  • Structured Finance and off balance financing

  • 04/01-07/02  Exotic Derivatives Trader, Williams Cos. Tulsa, Oklahoma


  • Traded weather derivatives in OTC market to reduce VAR in commodity portfolio

  • Developed and traded cross-commodity structures. All resulted in positive P&L

  • Performed historical and Monte Carlo simulation analysis to price Exotic Derivatives - Weather contingent Gas Daily and Power Day-Ahead Options

  • Designed weather hedging strategies for Full-Requirements and Tolling Agreements

  • Was involved in credit derivatives hedging and analysis

  • Worked closely with power and natural gas traders, marketers, origination and structure groups, quants, risk control, legal and tax departments

  • Origination/Mid-Marketing:

    Designed custom products that served as a hedging tool and accommodated the needs of our clients. For example:

  • Company sells 20,000 MMBtu of physical Natural Gas winter strip, but retains the right to call it back at IFERC first of the month index, contingent on forecasted Average Temperature in the area

  • Company enters into financial power transaction, where payout depends on Average Peak Day-Ahead Power Prices and actual MAX Temperature in the area

  • Company initiates a new deal with embedded weather provisions

  • Structuring:

  • Analyzed existing Full-Requirements and Tolling Agreements

  • Qualified and quantified weather exposure

  • Designed and priced hedging strategies

  • Summer 2000   Summer Associate, Sales and Trading, Fixed Income Division, Credit Suisse First Boston, NY

  • Completed 10 weeks intensive program on the following desks:

    Emerging Markets, Global Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate Products (Government), Liability Management (Repo), High Yield, Investment Grade Corporates, Fixed Income Derivatives, Securitized Products (Mortgages, CMO, CBO, etc.)

  • Received 100% performance bonus upon program completion


    1999 - 2001  M.S. in Mathematics in Finance, New York University

    Courses: Math Finance 1, Banking and Finance, Basic Probability and Stochastic processes, Computing in Finance, Case Studies and Financial Modeling, Mathematics of Finance II, Partial Differential Equations for Finance, Scientific Computing, Computational Methods for Finance, Modern Statistical Inference and Econometrics, Risk Management
    Projects: "Time series analysis for cointegration relationships",  "Principal component  analysis", "Dynamic programming and optimal refinancing strategy"
    Master's Project:   "Basket Default Swap in Emerging Markets"

    1990 - 1991  Postgraduate work on Ph.D., Odessa Agricultural Institute

    1986 - 1990  B.S. in economics, Odessa Agricultural Institute


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  • The Wall Street Journal, "Power Outage: How Energy Traders Turned Bonanza Into an Epic Bust", December 31, 2002

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  • DiscoverE , (monthly Williams Publication), "Chess Champion plays the trade game", August 2001


    Programming:C, Matlab, HTML
    Applications:MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Bloomberg, Reuters, ICE


    1991 - 2000  Professional Chess Player, member of the US Olympic Women's Chess Team

    1998 - 2000  Chairperson of Women's Committee of the USCF

  • Supported women chess activities and promoted women chess around the country

  • 1994 - 2000  Chess Principal, International Children's Center For Performing Arts Inc.

  • Organized, developed and managed chess school within children's community center
  • Taught classes and oversaw other faculty
  • Developed innovative programs for young children

  • 1997-1997  Chess Coach, FIDE World Youth Championship, France

  • Prepared American delegation to compete in the categories:
        Girls under 10, 12 and 14 y.o. and Boys under 10, 12 and 14 y.o.

  • 1997-1997  Chess Consultant, IBM and Electric Minds Companies

  • Provided professional live and Internet online commentaries for the Chess Match between World Champion Garry Kasparov and IBM's Deep Blue II computer

  • LANGUAGES     Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Polish

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